Mikhail Karasik. Acts. Dedicated to Bloom

St Petersburg, 2003. 514 × 340 mm

Acts. Dedicated to Bloom (Tableaux after James Joyce’s Ulysses) is a collection of pornographic images based on vintage postcards. «Bloom takes a pack of postcards from the bureau. He studies his collection of pornographic postcards. He probably remembers when he was a boy. In the evening, on the seashore, he watched a girl in white stockings sitting across from him. She slowly parted her legs and he saw her white knickers and straps.» The album consists of 3 sheets printed with title, text and table of contents followed by 15 sheets of coloured lithographs within cardboard covers and a slipcase. Karasik published it in 12 copy edition in two versions: 1) 5 copies with sheets loose between the covers; 2) 7 bound copies.