To the Affirmer of the New Art

St Petersburg, 2007. 397 × 593 mm

To the affirmer of the new art: Daniil Kharms. On the death of Kazimir Malevich; this is Karasik’s celebration of two of the main inspiring figures in Russian avant-garde art (Malevich) and literature (Kharms). Main focus is on The Black Square that, like the poem, played a major role in Malevich’s burial ceremony. The first sheet contains the title page with poem printed on the reverse side, which is followed by 16 coloured lithographs on white Rives paper, 11 of which have an image of The Black Square. All lithographs combine Suprematist imagery with contemporary photographs. The 17 sheets are kept loose in a folder together with an introduction booklet in English. A 21 copy edition was printed.