Mikhail Karasik. Book on Tasty and Healthy Food

St Petersburg, 2003. 450 × 365 mm

Book on tasty and healthy food is Karasik’s homage to the renown ‘art book’ from the 1950s and 1960s with the same title. Almost every Soviet household had a copy of this cookbook containing over twenty glossy colour plates. For this 15 copy edition the artist made a double page lithograph on paper and nine lithographic full page illustrations on primed sheets of canvas, printing his text on the reverse side. Paper and canvas sheets are bound in cardboard that is covered with green paper, the inside flyleaves are covered with original 1970s posters. A paper plate is mounted on the cover upon which the title is printed. On the green linen spine, three uniform stars have been mounted. The book is kept in a clamshell box with a crushed fork and spoon.